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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Tired and Sick
Drawing of a trike
Damn it, how is that I've survived all year without getting a cold, only to get one now? Stupid pathogens.

Anyway, I've spent a weird afternoon going through some of my inboxes. Yes, inboxes. I have... let me look... seven email addresses which I read regularly. Why on earth would anyone need so many email addresses? Well, there is method to my madness: one of them is specifically for mailing lists. One is for when I'm being an Activist. Another is my personal, every day email address. One is specifically for emailing people without them having to wonder what is at "www.maxcelcat.com" (I bought a personal domain for this purpose alone!)

And the one which has been giving me the most trouble is an address I use exclusively to forward stuff to myself. Mostly from work. However, I find, 90% of the time, the link or article or whatever that I come across at work is really not that interesting, and probably seemed far less boring when I was trying to cope with being at work. So I really don't look at it often enough... Today, there were 852 items in it!!!! Dating back to April of last year. Man... Anyway, I've been going through them and doing some serious deleting. And trying to work out what the fuck I was thinking ever bothering to look at some of this crap! I mean, why did I think I might be interested in the history of Heavy Metal on the Wikipedia???

I'm not sure I can be bothered looking at the last 469 unread emails, I might just delete them all.

I don't think I'll be going to work tomorrow. I'm not well and my mind has turned into Pudding.
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*gives you tom yum soup*

Delete everything. If i was important / interesting enough you'll find it again it the future.

Sorry I haven't emailed you for that coffee. I haven't been very good company over the last week. My who life feels a little like a tainwreck since the accident, but we will shall meet some time soon I'm sure! :o)

Hope you feel better soon.

I actually got to the bottom of my inboxes in the end. Of course I've received stacks more since...

Drop me a line when we have both recovered enough to, er, make it worth while!

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