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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Waning! Pointless entry!
Dancing Kitty
Egad, I'm tired.

This entry will be fragmentary at best.

I might have downloaded Songs for Drella by Lou Reed and John Cale. However, I have bought this album twice before - once on tape, once on clear limited edition vinyl (which will tell you how long ago it was) - so I feel my conscience is clear :-)

My point: it's a really great album. I haven't listened to it since the early nineties. Man, I'm having a kind of nostalgia!!!

This bubble gum refuses to achieve a consistency suitable for blowing bubbles.

At least three people lately have asked me "where I'm from". People think I'm English (or something) all the time. Damn it, I've probably been out of Melbourne for a total of six months in my entire life. Which is probably a good reason to go overseas...

Speaking of which, my Sister is off to Kabul again. If I'm on my way to London in the middle of next year and she's there, we're going to try and meet up in Dubai!

Drove from Preston (was looking at a house to rent) to Altona today. Folks, that's a fuck of a long way. Look it up on a map somewhere. I think I skirted two thirds of the north and west of Melbourne.

Visited an empty house today - looking to move for Economic reasons, mainly. It was ok, but a bit pokey and waaaaay too far north. As Barbara said "we can afford better than this". So I commend the house to the poor La Trobe Uni students for which it was intended :-)

Ok, the last couple of random segues in this entry. Last night, I was wandered off to have a drink in a bar with Barbara. Jess Latimer called while we were wandering up Bourke Street, telling me she'd had the worse week ever. We ended up in that pub in the old Mint building, eating sausages from their Friday barbecue. Yum. Apparently Jess had had the worst week - worse even that when someone burnt down their house!!!

Had brunch with evildoom_bunny today. She came over to grad more of her stuff from the Flat, although there's not a whole lot left here. Went to a Cafe we'd never been to before, and which I'll head back to, despite the fact that I can't remember it's name!

And... I'm almost at the bottom of one of my inboxes. Yay. Only four to go.

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You're just jealous! Cause I have a car and a flat and grey hair and sore knees... Wait....

Grey hair? What hair?

This bit at the back *turns around and points*

I'll forgive you that because it's a Dilbert reference :-P

It sounds rather like a line from a text-based RPG.

"You wake up and stretch."
"You flip the switch. The fluorescent light glistens off your head."

It's called Palomino! Didn't you notice the horsey stuffs around? :P

I wondered for a sec what you were talking about. That you were just being Random.

But yes, now that you mention it, there was a lot of Horse stuff in the Cafe. I was too busy eating eggs.

Yeah.. I like mentioning random horse types.

Lemme know if you find that sock!


Oh no! I think I have Horse Turrettes!


The sock has not made its presence known. It's possible it's under the bed where someone has taken it to kill it...




just what i needed

i'm eric. joining a couple boards and looking
forward to participating. hehe unless i get
too distracted!


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