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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Speaking of Nintendo
Here's another picture for you all:

(Click on picture for More Bigger version.)

This is my collection of game and watch Nintendo thingies. Including the newly acquired one mentioned below, the black one in the middle is "Pinball". And more importantly, the pile of dead batteries I pulled from them! Anyone know where I can get 24 LR-44 watch batteries for cheap???

Some of them had actually corroded a little, damn it. Hope they haven't damaged "Parachute"!

Or, as tortoises suggested, I should just get one set of batteries and swap them between games :-)

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You've gone from collecting watches.. to collecting those :P

I was collecting these about the same time I was collecting Swatches. Sold most of my swatches, kept these.

I've really only added about three to this pile in the last three years, though. And all from that same shop in Box Hill. Note to self: don't go to Box Hill.

Haven't bought one on Ebay in ages.

Still battery-less.

Aha.. so you claim :P


Actually, rather than switch the batteries between them, you should rig up some switching device. Like a KVM switch, only for batteries.

That's gotta be one of the nerdiest things I've every heard! Says the guy with three KVM switches...

Some of the larger games had sockets for 9V power packs, but I don't think they ever make them so tiny.

I've just found ten batteries on Ebay for $9.99 plus 87 cents postage. Which is a very arbitrary number!

AND if you ask nicely, I will let you play with them. I was actually thinking of liquidating my collection... But then why am I still adding to it? I know, because I'm an idiot and an impulse buyer :-)

Which part of the above are you "@_@"ing at?

I wonder what the collection is worth? If all the double screen ones are about $45 each, and I have about six of those... That adds up to... a Fuckload :-)

I'm old fashioned, so I will go with:


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