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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I Heart Northcote (for vedmajulia
Tram In Snow
Remember I mentioned I had a t-shirt what said "I <3 Northcote"? This is what a version of it looks like:
Northcote T-shirt
(I've got the black version. Oh, and clearly I'm not in this shot :-P )

And better still, you can buy one of your own online! You know you want to :-)

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What, you're not in that shot?? You mean, you're not headless???

I meant a photo of you in that t-shirt but ok, I'm going to have to fill in the blanks myself...

Just try and picture the t-shirt above with my head sticking out of it :-)

Will get a shot of me soon.

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