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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Straight Outa Northcote
Tram In Snow
I wore my "I heart Northcote" t-shirt to work today. Er, which should be a reminder to me to do some clothes washing.

Anyway, a number of people where most amused by it. People running the cafe where I had lunch. Folks at work.

And I was having a good listen to the newish Blood Duster album, and finally understood enough of the lyrics for one of their songs to realise it was another 'duster song about this fair suburb. I should have realised, it's called "ThreeOhSevenOh", which is the postcode of Northcote.

It seems to be a Death Metal rant about the yuppies who are invading the place.

(This follows on from the song "Northcote" on their first album, and their second album which is called "St8ght Outta Northcote". Charming lads, should go see them play again...)

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And where is the accompanying illustration? This is as good as the 'Greetings from Footscray' card you sent me last year, which is still decorating my desk :-)

You don't want to see pictures of Blood Duster or their cover art. I don't know where they get some of these pictures from - possibly medical text books.

Here is a picture of the charming lads themselves:

I was thinking more of the "I love Northcote" t-shirt photo :-)

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