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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Facebook Cats Etc.
Drawing of a trike
Had at least another two conversations about Facebook today.

One of my cow-orkers was worried about my cats. He wanted to know why I'd been posting to Schnitzel and Milkshake's Catbooks saying "I miss you" etc. I had to explain that the cats were fine, but they were living with their mommy at the moment. And that their mommy and daddy didn't live together any more...

I suppose it's kind of endearing that someone is paying that close attention to my cats!!!!

In other facebook news, I now have 113 friends. Just found an old mate from the Jammers. Cool.

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that's scary.. that someone has been watching schnitz and milky so closely.

mommy and daddy don't live together anymore, indeed.

I dunno, I'm glad people are paying attention to the Kitten Twins.

BTW, you should put that tag on Milkshake, just in case. Better than no contact details at all should she go for a wander. Hey, is that leather collar staying on her?

Yeah, it is. I will do. She's been very sneaky in trying to get outside!

Well, you never know, there might be rodents out there!

Miss kittens :-(

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