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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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E.N. T-shirt
Drawing of a trike
Having run out (again) of clean clothes. That's not entirely true, I have a pile of clean shirts over there *waves* but I can't be fucked ironing them.

So I was wearing my Einstrezende Neabauten t-shirt to work today. Met up with Shaun and Brendan for lunch (and randomly ran into neonfaerie who looking for a hairdressers...) We ended up, after lunch, in a rather good coffee establishment called "Octane" - they must make their coffee strong...

When we was paying the bill, I had an exchange which went something like this:
Coffee dude: Collapsing Skyscrapers
Me: Oh, a fellow Neubauten fan
Coffee dude: What?
Me: You know, Neubauten
Coffee dude: Don't know, the guy with the spiky hair who was just here said I should say to you "Collapsing Skyscrapers"
Me: Ahhh... You see this t-shirt? It's from a band called Einstrezende Neubauten. Which translates roughly as "Collapsing New Buildings"

And here was me thinking I'd encountered a fellow fan. When in fact it was a couple of levels removed. Funny guy. Nice coffee shop.

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Uhuh, run out o' clean clothes again, eh? Bachelor city, indeed.

How bizarre.

I have lots of clothes! But I need to make another one of those famed trips to the laundromat - too many Big Items for my little washing machine.

That trip I am delaying because it's sucks.

Hey! Wait a minute! When you lived here, you didn't even KNOW how to operate the washing machine!!!!

Pffft, you neglect to mention how insanely complicated the damn thing is!!

True, it is a fearsomely complicated device. Far too many buttons and dials that don't make a whole lot of sense...

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