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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Giving a Laptop
Drawing of a trike
The folks once at One Laptop Per Child are having a brief public offering in November. You can buy yourself one of them, but the price will cover two of them - one for you, one for some needy kid somewhere. Details at XOGiving.

Now, a good argument could be made - in fact, I've made the argument myself in the past - that these kids probably need more fundamental aid than these gizmo's. There's a good change this will turn out to be a horrible boondoggle. But hey, if it has a chance to help educate some kids... I guess we won't knot for fifteen years till some bright nerd from an underdeveloped country is sitting in the next cubicle because of one of these things...

Anyway, I'm thinking of getting one. It would be useful to have a fairly indestructible laptop, and who knows, maybe some Cambodian kid who has to skirt a field full of land mines to get to school will get something out of it...
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Hee. I'm somewhat tempted...

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