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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Long Delayed Update
Drawing of a trike
Hey all, I've not been the best LJ this week (or this month for that matter).

In order to remedy the situation, here is some Stuff from my week. In reverse order.

Friday (today) was FUCKED. I had an appointment at the Alfred Hospital this morning, as an outpatient for a follow up from the surgery I had on my deviated septum (that's in yer nose) last year. The appoint was for 10.40AM, although I was about five minutes late. Because I had to iron a shirt and there was some kind of Grande Finale Parade on. Anyway, the finally saw me two hours later. Fuck I was annoyed. Still, they did give me a medical certificate.

Then I had to head into work for a Demo for some South Koreans of the shit I work on at, er, work. A demo for which I'd been preparing for three days. Turns out these guys weren't really interested in our stuff. They didn't want to become customers, didn't want to buy anything from us, weren't interested in presentations. They seemed to most be here because one of our suppliers had lied to them about what our hardware could do. It wasn't even close to what they wanted. They didn't want to see any of the stuff I'd spent three days setting up, they mainly seemed to be here to steal our ideas. Great. I managed to get really PISSED OFF about that as well. What a waste of my life. I mean, I ironed a shirt for this...

Then my day improved a little. I went and had a post work drink with Jessica Latimer (hello, Jess, next time you're Vanity Googling yourself :-) and we both bitched about our weeks. We'd both had shit ones. Although despite my week (more to follow), the fact that someone had attempted to burn down the house they'd bought three weeks ago seemed to top the misery stakes!!!!

My brother had been trying to call me all evening, so I gave him a bell when I got home. Turns out he also hadn't had dinner, had a box of CAE bookgroup books there in Brunswick, and needed a hand installing his new huge hard-drive. So I suggested coming over with some curry. He suggested that was a mighty fine idea. Man, I ordered too much, though, on the theory that I should at least pretend to eat vegetables. Still digesting it *burp* Installed his drive in about five minutes, and did various other computer related shit for them. Man, people get paid good money for this kind of thing :-)

And... Maybe the rest of the week deserves its own entry.
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