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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Finding a Lost Child
Drawing of a trike
Do not ask me why, but for some reason this kid found at the station story has me interested. I'm not usually into "soft" news, as it were - lost dogs, cats up a tree, kids up to stuff. I usually much prefer something more meaty like, say, American Politics or something.

But this time, I don't know, maybe it's because she was found in a part of Southern Cross Station I pass by every day. When they released stills from the surveillance video of the kid and the father, I recognized the location immediately. Had they been there a few minutes later, I might have bumped into the kid - or his dad for that matter.

Anyway, the story just gets weirder and still weirder. It's a bit like watching an on-going drama, you wonder how it is going to end. Not well, I expect.

And they we can look forward to the telemovie I suppose :-(
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That poor girl. I really doubt her mother is alive, and that her father won't come back willingly any time soon. I just can't imagine the mindset of someone who would abandon a child, especially such a young one, like that.

i'm concerned that you caved in and called it "southern cross station"

i do remember on a previous entry where u refused to call it anything other than spencer street station......

The Station Formally Known As

I gave up calling it Spencer Street when they changed the announcements on the Train. They used to say "Southern Cross on Spencer Street" to just "Southern Cross". People would be confused, damn it.

Still, I sometimes refer to Melbourne Central as "Museum Station" Still :-P

they renamed the spencer street station? why?

They renamed it because they're stupid. Once they'd finished renovating it with that stupid new roof, they decided it needed a new name... Hence Southern Cross.

Man, you haven't been here in a while :-)

He's definately on the run. I reckon the stuff he took to the police was probably weapons. That poor poor child. I think it's pretty much certain that both her mother and half sister have been murdered.

It's all very SCI, SVU isn't it. I am expecting to see this shit on one of those shows now. Maybe "City Homicide" should do an ep. about it. Ep. be such wanky lingo.

Alright you "cool old nigga"

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