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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Drawing of a trike
Fark it. They're already starting to talk about a Recession. Shite. Who'd have guess that extraordinary levels of household debt and a whole lot of dodgy loans in the US (and elsewhere) would lead to financial collapse. Who are these idiots who make this stupid decisions and take such huge risks with everyone's money?

And when US consumer confidence takes a nose dive the rest of the world will soon follow.

Fuck. I've lived through at least three of these things. The was the Nerds-only bubble collapse in 2000 that ended up trapping me in the same job for five years. Then the one in the early nineties - the recession we had to have. They always start out the same... Investors do stupid things... The stock market has a "major correction" (read: collapse) and then suddenly jobs become hard to find. American consumers spend less. China exports less. We can sell less coal. And eventually every sector is slightly fucked... *sigh* Well, I can always go back to Defence I suppose.

And at least I don't have a fucking mortgage. I hear mortgage defaults and personal bankruptcies are up 30% from last year. Fun.

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I have a solution for a recession. Get a punk haircut, become a musician and say "fuck you" to the government.

I am a musician and I just got a punk haircut *grin*

I'm pretty sure the UK was in the middle of a pretty major recession in 1976/1977 when certain Punk bands started doing their Thing.

Difficult times produce interesting music. Saw a whacked out documentary about music and night clubs in Sarajevo during the siege...

the early 90s produced the greatest industrial we have ever had...

my thinking is this, I am already virtually unemployable despite my degree. Therefore I was going to be a musician anyway. The recession will just mean I have people to work with

Re: Anarchy In the UK

I wonder if anyone has done a study correlating economic stress with brutal forms of music/art?

Hmmm... WW1 gave us Dada... Hmmmm...

I seem to be employable, despite my best efforts :-)

BTW, what kind of musician are you?

Well, I am the vocalist in a queercore industrial band called Gyn01d (www.gyn01d.com), I am a busker playing what can best be described as country-punk or punk-country on the mandolin (and singing). I am starting an alternative-country bad with me as one of the vocalists and multi-instrumentalist..

I also used to produce ambient electronica (and performed live in many places) and I am trying to invent industrial-country...

Does it mean real estate prices will go down and I'll be able to buy a flat? :-)

I've been thinking the same thing. If we're still securely employed when house prices in implode, then yes, we should be able to buy flats :-)

Sounds good, time I started doing something worthwhile with my money :-)

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