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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Kitten Nooky
Catnip Cat macro
Another one for note_to_cat.

Dear schnitzelrug and Milkshake,

(You may remember them from this earlier post).

Now, I'm glad you like playing with each other - biting, wrestling, chasing from room to room - this is why we have two cats.

However, Schnitzel, when I catch you licking Milkshake's butt things are getting a bit weird. I think she's quite capable of looking after herself in that area, why don't you stick to licking, er, your paws or something?

And don't give me this "But I think I'm her mommy" nonsense! You're only four months older than she is! Neither of you have ovaries! Knock it off!

Maybe it's because we live in the suburb affectionately known as Lesbian Central (Northcote, Melbourne, Australia)...


Bemused Food and Toy Provider.
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Nettie said it's a dominance thing. I don't know who is which though.

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