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Drawing of a trike
Posted this to note_to_cat.

Dear schnitzelrug and Milkshake,

You are the cutest kittens, and I could watch you wrestling and chasing the same bug all day.

Now, I know it's getting to be spring down here in the southern hemisphere, and that you guys no longer need your winter coats. But how is it that two cats with a combined weight of maybe five kilograms (about 11 pounds from some online converter) produce enough fur to completely cover an entire one bedroom flat to a depth of a couple of inches???

There is Fur everywhere! On the bed covers, the couch, the floor of the kitchen! And how the heck did fur get onto my clothes while they were hanging in the CLOSED wardrobe??? Stuff I've washed and hung up is hairy! How do you do it?

OK, I guess it's partly my fault. 80% of my clothes are black (I'm from Melbourne, Australia, if that means anything to you all :-) so getting one cat who is 100% white hair and another who is 50% white... What was I thinking?


The guy with the Lint Brush
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I probably shouldn't be saying anything (or reading your journal at all) but Schnitzel and Milkshake are very cute, and yes they do have a lot of fur! My clothes are still covered in bits and pieces.. nevermind all those scratches.

Is that you Sara? Of course you can read my LJ :-P

Yes. I don't know why I am, because it's torture hearing about those kitties and not being nearby.

In case you haven't already guessed, I'm going through hell. At least you have the cats.

Cats (like dogs) are quite evil that way *nodnod*.

I do wonder what they're thinking...

"When he dies I'm going to eat his ears" etc. etc.

But I don't think the Fur is malicious.

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