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Enroll To Vote - Election Incoming!
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Hey all, I've harped on about this before (and no doubt others have too.) But it's worth a reminder.

The federal election could be called really soon now - some say later this week - and if you ain't enrolled, or not enrolled correctly, you won't be allowed to vote. The rolls will close the day the election is called. And if you don't vote, you can't complain :-)

Grab a form over at the Australian Electoral Commission (Victorian forms (PDF) are here) and get one of your mates to witness it. I've signed three this week.

You can also check if you're correctly enrolled.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet :-)


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I updated mine the week I moved in here!

actually the annoying thing is that I filled in the 'vote from overseas' form thingie and sent it to AEC, but they haven't put me on the enrollment roll... really annoying. And the Aussie Embassy here in Berlin refuses to have anything to do with it. I recon the govt just doesn't want any extra ppl.


Useless bastards. Hassle them some more. Looks like the election is still a couple of weeks away from being called...

Hello Polina! *waves*

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