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Yours Truly Fighting the Power
Tram In Snow
In case you've been living under a rock, APEC is on this week. Which means a certain George W. Bush has come to visit us. Thrillsville.

Anyway, some people who, like me, object the President Shrub's handling of... Just about everything he gets his oil stained fingers on... organised a student walkout, with a bit of a march, starting on the steps of Flinders Street station. Well, what better way to spend my lunch hour.

Actually, it was great to see so many teenagers giving a shit.

We marched from Flinders Street Station, down Flinders, up Elizabeth, then down Bourke, where I left the rally to get back to work. Those teenagers march fast, I tells ya! And slipping back into the crowd was simply a matter of stepping up onto the tram stop on Bourke street. Then I could have been anyone...

Bumped into a mad keen activist/photographer Dallas, who snapped this shot of Yours Truly and the end of march (click on the picture for More Bigger):
Baldy on Bourke
Also bumped into a journo from the Age who happens to be in my toasties club. I asked if he was there in his official capacity. He was, but didn't want a quote from me because I wasn't a student :-) He reckoned the crowd at 400, which seemed about right to me.

I'll be curious to see what happens in Sydney on Saturday.
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