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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Amusing Work Activities
Drawing of a trike
One of my cow-orkers, who I refer to as Bouncing Derek, sits at his desk on a Swiss Ball. He wasn't in today, and another cow-orker, Rob, borrowed said swiss ball. Rob sits at one of the four desks in our little cubicle group.

I'd just got in and was turning on my computer, when there was an almighty pop or bang, kinda like... well, hard to describe. I thought something had fallen from the ceiling or someone a few cubicles away had dropped something heavy.

I turned around, and said "What the fuck was that?" to see Rob lying on his side on the floor... the Swiss ball had popped under him and was in at least two pieces! Everyone in the (open plan) office got up from their seats and looked over cubicle walls trying to work out what had happened. I described it as best I could between pissing myself laughing. Some people a few cubicles away gave a small round of applause, and commented on Rob's weight. We took photos of Rob holding the remains of the ball and sent them to Derek. It was an $8 swiss ball from Aldi, so no one was terribly surprised.

The funniest part was the noise the ball made when it popped. Like a balloon popping, only several octaves lower.

This is the stuff office legends are made of... Which is kinda sad...
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I LOVE THOSE THINGS. I totally need to get one.

Make sure you get a good one! This one what popped was only a few millimeters thick.



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