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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Speaking of Cats
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
When we got schnitzelrug, aka fir baby number one, I got chatting to my Mother about Cats. And indeed other pets.

We seemed to have had a lot of them over the years. Here's a partial list, almost in chronological order:
  1. [insert name here] - A possibly tortoiseshell-ish cat my parents had when I was born, who had a some kittens, including Daggle (it's also possible I'm confusing two cats for three here)
  2. Patch - a motley cat with a black patch over one eye
  3. Daggle - no idea how she came by that name, my sister and I were very young and probably made it up
  4. Whiteness - A white cat (who would have thought) which my sister and I also named
  5. [insert name] - a small light colored kitten who got very ill a few weeks after we got her and died, possibly from diphtheria. Sad!
  6. Panda - Panda was the first cat who was mine. Predictably, she was black and white. And utterly neurotic
  7. Crystal Tips - one of Panda's kittens
  8. [Panda's kitten two]
  9. [Panda's kitten three]
  10. [Panda's kitten four] - Panda's kittens all went to various homes, including at least one who went to live with my Aunt and Uncle
  11. String (or Shanti or at least one other name) - a cute grey striped cat my mother found in a box labeled "Free to good home" at her work. Moved to Tasmania with my mom and was adopted by a family there
  12. White and Grey stray - We found this kitten wandering around my family's beach house in Ocean Grove. We think it'd been abandoned by the tenants. She didn't get along with Panda and String, and ended up jumping over the back fence and getting herself adopted by the nice family there. As an adult we'd sometimes find her prowling around the front yard

Crikey, that's a lot of cats. Especially since I didn't own a cat between 1992 and 2006... And for the most part we never had more than two cats at a time... Now there are two kittens (one of whom is killing a peg) in my flat. No, I am not going to turn into one of those Cat People with the sixteen cats!!!!

Next, I will attempt to list dogs, chickens and lambs(!) my family also owned over the years. If I have to get started on fish, I'll cry.

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Cat Person! Cat Person! *runs away screaming*

Hey, only one of these cats was mine! And... and... and... I'm not getting any more than the one two we have now :-P

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