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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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New Cat
Once again, I am covered in Cat Hair. Note to self: People who own a lot of black clothing shouldn't acquire cats with lots of white hair! evildoom_bunny and I wear loads of Black because we're goths, I mean nerds, I mean cool, I mean, from Melbourne. In fact the drying rack to my left is so covered in Black clothes it looks like it's off to a funeral.

So when we finally got around to getting schnitzelrug a new friend, this is what we acquired:
My Milkshake

Welcome Vanilla Milkshake. Hey, if we can call our other cat Schnitzel Rug, we can call our new cat Milkshake :-P Picture is a bit low rez, it's from evildoom_bunny's phone via Facebook....

She is a five and a half month old generic domestic short hair from the wonderful people at Save A Dog who, of course, also save Cats. So now I am covered in white cat hair.

There were lots of lovely cats there when we visited. A huge black and grey cat called Oscar who was ten years old and had a tendency to wander. And a lovely ginger twelve year old who tried very hard to make friends with us. *subliminal message* go and adopt them now *subliminal message*

schnitzelrug was born into a house full of cats and kittens, but has somewhat forgotten how to play with 'em. So Milkshake chases her from room to room and schnitzelrug has no idea what to do! She's slowly getting the hang of it, and maybe all this running will burn off some of her gut. Milkshake is a friendly playful little thing, I suspect she'll wear down Schnitzel by shear cuteness.

Weirdly, years ago I owned a white cat, well, my family did, before I even went to school. We called her - wait for it, it's brilliant - Whiteness. Hey, we were kids. Anyway, I keep almost called Milkshake Whiteness, it's like it's deeply embedded in my brain.

(Note to self: whatever became of whiteness? I remember she went to live with my dad after my parents got divorced, but don't remember much of her beyond that. In fact, I'm not even sure she was a she!)

Anyway, it's true what they say - the second fur baby is easier than the first :-)
We fretted all the time when we first got Schnitzel, now it's just a matter of pouring more food and delivering more patting...

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Clearly you need a pink cat so you can call it Mew.

Sure. What's Mew?




*slaps head*

I might have known :-P

I could always dye Milkshake pink. Then she could be Strawberry Milkshake!

How about Skitty?

Dye her brown and call her Chocolate Milkshake. That way her hairs won't show up on your clothes so much. Or maybe black, and Licorice Milkshake :P

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