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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Where's My Fooking Salad.
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
Almost from the moment I got my current job, which actually was two years ago last week, I've been doing the City Office Worker thing, and buying my lunch from the food court across the street. Anyway, very early on, I came across a place called Sumo Salad around the back of the AMP, across the road from my work.

Being a creature of habit, I went there almost every day, at least three times a week, sometimes more, for various salads of my own creation. Lamb, goats cheese, walnuts - yum! And... Healthy-ish. Getting a salad made fresh is damn nice.

A few months back they suddenly dropped out of the Sumo franchise. They changed their name, but kept on doing the same thing. Their new name, Optifresh, left something to be desired, but they kept me in sustenance. In fact, I grew to be notorious, they knew me by name, knew my custom Salad off by heart.

Then last week, my usual salad making dude, a big guy with tattoos on his arm - I suspect he is a rock pig in his spare time - started punching extra holes in my loyalty card. Then I heard mutterings about "our last week" and so on. They were closing down! I emailed my mate Shaun and dragged him along on Thursday last week. Which turned out to be their last day.

I talked to the guy who ran the place, thanked him for all the salads. In the entire two years he'd been there, they hadn't turned a profit. Despite my obsessive loyalty. I popped over there again today (Monday) to take a picture of the empty shop. The dude was still there, dismantling the place. Apparently the rent was too high, and not enough people came by, so he lost hundreds of thousands on the deal. Bugger!

And the first thing the staff said when the closure was first mentioned was "What is Paul going to do?" I'm famousish :-)

So now I have to find somewhere else to eat. Or perhaps it's time I started bringing my lunch. There is a lot of Curry in my freezer, for example...
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