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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Stolen LJ Icons Are the Best
Stole a new Icon. Enjoy.

Went out to see my cousin (wait, second cousin) Clea today - it being her 21st birthday. She lives in this eccentric flat above a Kosher super market in South Caulfield. Serious odd flat - evildoom_bunny will attest to the tininess of the loo, clearly built into a disused cupboard! My cranky aunt and uncle from down on the Bellarina peninsula, makers of a fine red wine, made one of their very rare trips to Melbourne (my uncle hasn't been here in five years despite living an hour and a half away.)

Anyway, we had cake and I chatted to yet another branch of my enormous family (25 cousins, 11 second cousins.) We reminisced about when Liam, another second cousin, was a tiny premature baby in a humidicrib. He's now taller than me and plays lots of guitar.

Gadzooks, playing about five games of Scrabble on Facebook...

And now I'm rambling. Best post this, iron a shirt, and get to bed :-)

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I'm only playing two. :)

I've played ten, won eight :-)

So challenge me to a game already :-P

You're just trying to trick me into adding you. :P

Damn, you've seen through my devious, underhand scheme :-P

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