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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Catnip Cat macro
Remember how I swore I wouldn't buy any more books until I'd read all the one's I have already?

Oops. I was walking past the crazy second hand store in Westgarth (run by the crazy second hand shop lady) and spotted a copy of Farenheit 451 sitting in the window. A book I have read, but do not own a copy of (I think. I have multiple copies of several books due to my unreliable memory :-)

And I had to have it, even if just so it would be around my flat. $8 later and I was on my way.

Actually, first I fell into an odd conversation with the Crazy Second Hand Shop Lady. She said she needed $43 by the next day to pay some bill, which was why she was still open at 9.30PM on a Tuesday. Otherwise the bank was going to slug her a $30 fee. I know that feeling. Anyway, after I bought the book - she half jokingly asked if I'd like to pay $43 for it - she only needed another $35... Weird lady, weird shop.

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That lady is not crazy, she is very crazy

Indeed she is, I imagine that shop is a bit like the interior of her brain.

Not to mention some kind of fire hazard! I wonder if she still has the blender full of plastic toy dinosaurs?

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