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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Want Mac!!!
The Man With No Name
My cousin has one of these:

(That's a Apple Mac Cube for those wondering. Possibly the most exotic computer shape you'll see.)

It's currently sitting on my desk, because he wants me to flog it on Ebay for him. But... Having turned it on and played with it for a bit... I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a sweat machine, aside from looking rather cool. The current Mac OS is rather nice...

So, at one point on the weekend, I had two Windows machines, a G4 Mac and a G3 Mac running on my desk. If I'd turned on my Linux box, I'd have had every major operating system :-)

I'll have to make him an offer. I was going to buy it originally, but decided I couldn't afford it - they've held their value rather well. But now... Want............. I went and looked around, there are lots of upgrades one can get for it. And I could get rid of my G3... Hmmmmmmmm...

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As if you'd voluntarily part with a computer ;-)

Hey, at least two computers have left my house of late! And only two have come in! :-P

And one of those is a dead laptop.

This is definitely a unique and interesting machine which I can't just let slip through my fingers... I sound like I'm trying to justify this, don't I? :-)

They were designed as studio computers... they have no cooling fans (well they weren't built with fans anyway) and cool by convection...

I hear they are almost completely silent.

I have wanted one for years

Yeah, no fan, but a surprisingly noisy hard-drive. Plus a nice flat top which schnitzelrug has taken to sitting on! Thus blocking the cooling airflow :-)

How much are you offering? :-)

I am in the process of selling everything I own... so i am not offering anythign :P

Excellent. Do you have any CDs or Books I might be interested in?

Almost certainly. I have a large collection of sci-fi novels and a large collection of IT texts that I am purging.

I am also getting rid of a LOT of comics, mostly early-to-mid 90s Vertigo... and some other stuff.

I don't plan to sell many cds if I sell any at all..

I will probably have a garage sale on the weekend if you want to see what I am selling.

*strokes imaginary goatee* Garage sale you say. Tell me more (or pop it on your LJ so I know where to find it.)

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