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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Of Wasabi Peas and University Open Days
Drawing of a trike
Friday night, saw the Simpsons Movie. Which I think I mentioned before....

Saturday I bought about eight kilos of Meat at the Preston market. My sister came over and I copied about eight gig of MP3s onto her portable hard drive. Then we had... Fish and chips for dinner! Cool.

Sunday, I met more members of evildoom_bunny's family - she neglects to mention how many of them there are! Still, this particular Aunt lives in Queensland, so isn't down here much. We had a rather Ace brunch at Retro. Stewed fruit with yoghurt. Hmmmm... Healthening.

Then we dragged ourselves - in fact, we walked from the top of Brunswick Street - to Melbourne Uni for their open day. I was pleased to see several people out the front protesting the "Melbourne Model". Also noticed that the uni seems to have taken over most of Carlton and is busy expanding towards the CBD as well.

evildoom_bunny wanted to check out the Dip Ed course in the department of education. But of course, they don't have a Dip Ed any more. It's called something else, or indeed, is part of another post grad degree. Me thinks they're going to regret messing with their academic program so comprehensively.

Then we wandered off to the two departments I wanted to visit: the Melbourne Business School and the Comp Sci (sorry, ICT) departments. Both of which turned out to be well south of the "old" Melbourne Uni campus footprint, deep in what must be Carlton. The Business school was being very business-like and not particularly helpful. ICT was amusing. We waited for a free sausage from the barbecue, but quickly got bored. So we wandered inside, looked at some labs full of aging PCs - man, no one has CRT monitors any more - and I asked about doing single subjects. Seems one can, but I probably could have found out more from the friggin' website. Still, we got a balloon :-)

On the way home we popped into an Asian grocery in Melbourne Central. We got some wasabi peas, some prawn crackers, some custard buns (Yum!). Then I said to evildoom_bunny "We have to buy one thing we can't identify." We settled on two fruit-shaped plastic things from the freezer, one orange one green. They turned out to contain ice cream, the orange one had orange (der) and the green one watermelon. I was hoping for something weirder, ah well, next time.

The balloon is still floating around the ceiling of the flat... We'll see where it is by tonight. Hopefully schnitzelrug won't eat it...

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Hehe I love the the unidentified item game. Last time I played that they were dried plums... but they were coverd in salt... Gah. Not tasty at all!

My friends and I played the icecream game in Hong Kong. I won 'cause I got an icecream that was strawberry and marshmallow (with chunks of strawberry and marshmallow) dipped in chocolate. She lost cause hers was green bean icecream... with chuks of frozen green bean. At least she got vegetables I s'pose. :oD

Green bean ice cream is WIN. ♥

Ah yes, we saw the dried plums. Weird. evildoom_bunny found something called "Fish Hun" or something, we which almost got as well... :-)

Bean... Icecream... Scary. Sounds a bit like bubble tea gone wrong.

Ehehe, you were at Melbourne Uni open day? Should have tried to find me, I was there all day :P

Hey, I was looking out for you, especially around the ICT building! But all I had to go by was a blurry photo I half remembered from your Myspace page. And, well, frankly, that could have been any one of several hundred people I saw that day :-)

I was half expecting you to spot us. An aging bald bloke in a big black coat, and a goofy girl with big red hair... I'm sure we looked a little out of place on a campus full of seventeen year olds :-)

Re: I Looked and Looked

It's a pity you weren't there right at the beginning of the day, or you couldn't have missed me - I was sitting at the MUCSA/ISSS/CSSEPG information desk right next to the ICT entrance until 10:30. :P

And I was at MUMS in the middle of the day, and then orchestra all afternoon (apart from the short breaks to track down Tim), so I'm not surprised you didn't see me :P

Re: I Looked and Looked

I was looking out for anything with the word "MUMS" on it, although I wasn't even sure what that is. (I lie, I looked up you PACK OF UTTER NERDS on the Melb Uni website the other day. He he :-) But with no luck, and I had a cranky evildoom_bunny in tow, so we couldn't do too much walking.

Re: I Looked and Looked

We were in the maths building, no surprises there. :P

And it's not always bad to be a nerd! We're kind of proud of it.

Re: I Looked and Looked

I figured you'd be in the Stats building we passed on the way in...

And I can't tease you for being a nerd, I too am a Nerd and I have five computers on my desk here... Two Macs, two PCs and a Linux box.... Hmmm... Nerdy...

Re: I Looked and Looked

It's the Maths & Stats building, thank you very much. D:

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