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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I Am A Fruit Loop
Catnip Cat macro
As if further evidence where required!

Click on 'em for a larger version - if you dare! Especially the second one, my expression is priceless...


Me in a bunny eared hat. Playing my mother's bass recorder. In Geelong:

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Argh? What, ears don't suit me? :-P

Aargh in general, I think.

Wait till I show you some of the even scarier pictures I have of me... :-)

Are you trying to kill me?

That'd be hard, about the only way I have of finding you is that I know which city you live in :-P

So, got time to do lunch? Heck, I'll shout ya if I'm feeling generous, and you're feeling broke.

You also know I busk around Christmastime. :P And what I'm studying at which uni. :D In fact, you could track me down knowing my course, my uni and my age... there really aren't many 18-year-old 3rd years. Which is kinda sad.

Hmm... would have to be a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Depending on which day MUMS is on (Thursday, I think) and which days I get to see Tim. 'Cause, you know, I like seeing Tim. XD;

You'd be surprised how extraordinarily useless this information is! :-P
Strangely the Uni Of Melb doesn't allow you to search for students based on their age :-P

I suppose I could get in touch with some of my contacts at the Uni, but that'd look very odd. I wonder if Tom Conway is still there?

I did however enjoy your entry on the Egopedia, I shall have to make myself a page.

Egopedia is full of spambots D: I need to revert all their edits and set it up so they can't post. ;__;

Egad! They can even spam Wiki's now? That's a bit scary. Still, I've got spam through contact forms, blog comments and indeed forums... Who are these people????

Oh yeah... How about you drop me a line when you're free and well see about this Lunch thing about which I hear so much.

A line I shall (attempt to) drop!

Isn't it but? Not quite as low frequency as the Bassoon of course...

I think the recorder as an instrument is underrated... I blame the descant recorder, stupid people hear kids practicing that and then think all recorders sound like that.

All I have is an alto :(

Yeah, all those kids squeaking on the damn things in primary school. That'd put a hex on any instrument....

The bass one made quite a nice noise, I was impressed.

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