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Get onto Ebay
Drawing of a trike
Get onto Ebay and buy stuff from the US. The exchange rate is rather ace at present.

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One of us... One of us...

You know they call it "disposable income" for a reason :-P

And down the disposal it goes...

Hey, I can't be matched. Every year I get my group certificate, and I look at the figure on it (many thousands), and the amount I have in my bank (an average of Zero) and I curse and moan.

Would you like to see my watches and my computers and my books and my CDs and my snow domes and my cat and my other books and my expensive taste in food and... so on...

Hey, I'm not making you go out and buy stuff :-P

I can't be blamed for your lack of restraint. I can however be blamed for my own ;-)

I'm just pointing out that I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a book for US$23.00 including shipping, and it came out of my paypal account at only AU$28.00. I remember the bad old days around 2000 when I was collecting Swatches, and price of things would double when translated into Pacific Pesos :-)

It's probably a good thing I don't have Paypal. A really good thing.

It's not that hard to come by... and then hit "buy it now" and then wait three days for the knick-knack to arrive. Then two weeks later wonder why you can't afford dinner.... :-)

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