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Yo, tortoises....
Drawing of a trike
Yo, Ms. tortoises, LJ tells me it's your birthday in a few days (August 11th in fact). Does this mean you'll actually finally be an adult? :-)

Awwww.... schnitzelrug will be ten months old the same day.

Shit. Which means I'll be 36 in two months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, I'll actually finally be an adult. It's a scary prospect; I don't want to get old! I still have to listen to my parents though. >_>

Don't worry, you're only twice as old as me...

Vote, Get Drunk, Drive a car

It's all down-hill from 18. Wrinkles, tax returns, er, drinking beer... Er...

Yes, it's a little scary that a) you're younger than my car and b) I was your age in the late 80's.

Re: Vote, Get Drunk, Drive a car

Whereas I was born in the late 80s? :P

Re: Vote, Get Drunk, Drive a car

Exactly! I'm old. And fat. And bald.

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