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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Facebook.... Again....
Drawing of a trike
Eep. Lindsay Tanner has accepted my friends request on Facebook.

Friends count now: 52.

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But my friends are better :-P

I'd have more if the people I'd asked to be my friend actually logged in and accepted. Slack buggers, they should be on Facebook 24/7. Neil and Dennis, I'm looking at you. And that slacker Kevin Rudd still hasn't accepted.

I'd have even more if I friended the people I know on there who I don't want to stay in touch with. It's scary when you keep coming across your ex-fiance making friends with your friends.... For example.

It's crazy, I had two Canberran friends who turned out to know each other...

... and I've plenty of pending friends too. :P

Gained at least four today :-P

Yeah, discovering some weird connections myself... It's a small world. My friend vedmajulia and I have sixteen friends in common!

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