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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Stupid Books, Stop Making Me Buy You!
Krazy Kat
I keep seeing Books... Books everywhere! And they keep begging me to buy them!!!

Darn it, why did Robert Fisk have to write "The Great War for Civilisation - The Conquest of the Middle East", which is winging it's way to me via Ebay.

And why did an original edition of "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" (the book, not the film) have to show up on said Ebay? Darn it! Stupid buy it now button!!!

Then I heard about "The World Without Us" and... Well, you can guess what happened next...

Darn it, I have about twelve books at home waiting for me to read them!!!!

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I know that feeling! Some days I feel like I'm building a little castle out of books as they pile up round me.
I really need a million more hours in the day.

A fellow sufferer :-)

I'm trying to reduce the amount of buying of stuff that I do. But books are always my downfall... Same with music. So I should set the bar lower: I'll only spend money on food and other consumables, and books and CDs. Hey, I need 'em like I need air and water.

Books and music are manna from the gods. I just have no idea why peope buy other things... in fact I'm not 100% sure there are other things to buy. I just wish I had more time to read. It was heaven when I worked at RMIT and trained it in.

I remember giving a box of book to the Salvos some years ago. It hurt so much I swore I'd never do it again.

So many books to read, so little time. I must have 2000 books and 450 CDs, but I need more, damn it! The authors and the musicians, they NEED ME :-)

Yeah I'm still trying to figure a job that just requires me to sit and read books while listening to music.

I'm just creating piles of books and cds now. I really have to to do something about needing additional shelving for both.

Hmmm.... Surely there's a bookshop out there that must eb like that.

Yes, shelves. I need a bigger flat before I start thinking about shelves....

Books are evil like that *nodnod*.

Even having no money doesn't stop me - I find cheap books at the Salvos or St Vinnies all the time. Augh! And do you think it's possible for me to work a single day at the library and come out without having borrowed anything? NO. NO IT IS NOT! And I've only been there for two days so far! This doesn't bode well... :(

Ebay is highly tempting. And also evil.

Yeah, books are such a waste of trees!

There's a really good second hand book shop in Geelong of all places. It's called Barwon Books, and when I'm down there visiting my mom, I make sure I go. Came away with three books last time.

I belong to the City and the Darebin libraries. But I often need more time than they give me to read a book, and some books I read, and the I want to own! Like "The Drowned and the Saved" by Primo Levi. Just to have it around, just in case.

Strictly speaking, I'm a member of a couple of other libraries, but I joined them when visiting for work - Victor Harbor in South Australia and Blacktown in NSW :-)

Why is Ebay evil? I've had mostly positive experiences in the 170 odd auctions I've been involved in.

Geelong's a bit far away from where I live so I'm not sure I'd be heading down that way anytime soon. I'll have to try and remember the name just in case though :)

Ooh, Primo Levi. I've read "If This Is A Man" and...I think it's "The Journey" (not sure) by him. They were very good. I haven't read anything else of his...will have to keep an eye out and see if anything comes into the library while I'm there.

Ebay is only evil because it makes me spend money. It is almost entirely responsible for the sad pathetic state of my credit card :/

The Primo Levi book you're talking about is "The Truce". They are often published in a volume together.

Ah yes, ebay is bad for that. I have no credit card, which helps a bit.

Guess what was the title of my post on the 9th? Books are Everywhere!(http://fioleta.blogspot.com/2007/08/books-are-everywhere.html )

Glad to see that there are other people who have the same problem as me

Re: Hysterically funny

We should start a support society. People who have far more books than they could possibly read and yet they still buy more.

I'm off to Geelong tomorrow... And I'll be popping in to a certain bookshop there... D'oh!!!!!! Time to go to the Library!!!!

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