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Hello All You Russians
Drawing of a trike
vedmajulia and sharpened_edges (and any other Russians out there).

Check out this former fallout shelter. There are some freaky Russian signs etc.

Oh, and vedmajulia, your post about the stepper class was very surreal when translated by the bable fish!!!!

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I stopped checking with Babelfish, it comes out so funny I start getting strange looks from people :-)

I get the impression Russian grammar is quite different from English. The sentence structures certainly don't translate well. But yes, I've been getting the idea - just. Try translating that exercise class entry.

What'd ya think of those pictures of the fallout shelter? The most abandoned looking places on that community seem to be from the former soviet bloc. So much rust!

Re: That's half the fun

I've seen worse so homeless people in Russia/Ukraine have it much worse than homeless people in the Western countries... In case you were wondering!

Re: That's half the fun

Yeah, it sounds like the whole former eastern block is a bit of a basket case. For example the number of Russian Brides trying to get out of the place... :-(

I think as the live in Russia improves and people get more realistic view on the Western life there are (will be) less of those

Re: That's half the fun

Yeah, although it does all still sound a bit Grim.

brings memories of the classes in which we were taught how to put the gas masks on, and what to do in the case of nuclear attack..

Re: That's half the fun

Strewth, really? Still, I suppose the Cold War was still on. It's very hard to explain the Cold War to someone under thirty...

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