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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Tax and Other Stuff
Drawing of a trike
Just did my Tax Return online. Sorry, evildoom_bunny, I was going to put you down as my Spouse, but it just made things too complicated :-)

Hmmm... Should get $1,300 back.... Most of which will have to go on getting Fuji the wonder car looked at, darn it.

One of my cow-orkers was cleaning out his CD collection, and gave me a couple. Including something by Brian Eno from 1975, which has that "Sky Saw" track on it, from Dogs In Space. Not sure I'm going to enjoy the rest quite so much... Although this Sonic Youth album can't be all bad.

Made stirfry from the left over vegies in the fridge. It was actually rather good.

Gigs!!!!! Yo, all of you, get off your bottoms and come see Salmon (six guitars, two drummers, what more could you want?) at the East Brunswick on Thursday night, and Root (new band for Humphrey from TISM) at the Espy on Friday. Free in the front bar, I believe. Two gigs in two days... It's just like the old days :-)
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