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Speaking of Politics...
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Egad. Steve Bracks resigned this morning as premier of Victoria and indeed member for Williamstown!

I've been down Williamstown way twice this week... Nice place. I wonder if they need some new blood :-)

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Dang! I liked Steve Bracks *sad face* :(

He's a nice bloke, I guess. There are some other good people in the state ALP (notably Evan Thornley) but I'm not sure many of them have the mass appeal that Bracksie has.

Or as my ninety-something grandmother put "That nice Mr. Bracks."


Yay, no more Bracks :D He was too smarmy.

Be careful what you wish for

I too had my problems with Bracks, but as premiers go I could name several far worse...

(Disclaimer: I am a card carrying member of Bracks's political party!)

Re: Be careful what you wish for

I haven't been alive through too many premiers, so yeah XD;

I'm tempted to tell my dad that I joined the Greens and my brother joined the Labor Party. He'd have a fit. :3

Re: Be careful what you wish for

Yes indeed... Lets see... You must have been born around 1990 (which is scary in itself) when John Cain was premier. He left soon afterwards, to be replaced by rockin' Joan Kirner. Who was then swept from office by a well known prick called Jeff Kennett. Who in turn was dumped on his arse by Bracks in 1999... Which brings us to Brumby...

How about telling 'em you joined the International Socialists? That'll hack them off even more :-)

Re: Be careful what you wish for

1989, fool! You know I'm about to turn 18, after all!

... Not that it makes any difference in this case.

My dad is a one-eyed Liberal supporter, so anything'll piss him off. XD

Re: Be careful what you wish for

Scary. I was in year 12 in 1989... Ok, so that I am old is not news :-P

Yes, my Premiers sequence still holds. Search me who was before Cain! Egad, I just looked... Some bloke I've never heard of...

Hmmm, so, annoying your dad should be easy. I could burn you some offensive MP3s if that would help. See how he copes with Rob Zombie or early Ice-T ;-)

Re: Be careful what you wish for

Oh, I already annoy my dad. He thinks John Howard's the best thing that ever happened to Australia. The rest of my family, well, does not agree. :D

Re: Be careful what you wish for

It is your job, as a teenager, to annoy your parents.

I have two words for your dad:

Work Choices.

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