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Federal Member for Batman
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I spent a bit over an hour this morning helping Martin Ferguson (ALP, Batman) handing out fliers at Northcote Station.

We started at 7.15AM, actually a bit earlier, which is usually a good forty minutes before I get out of bed. So I'd had to crow-bar my arse out of bed at about 6AM, and later hop on a train for the two minute ride to Northcote. Fun. Seeing the sun come up whilst handing out political pamphlets is pretty surreal. Note to self: next time, wear warmer socks and shoes!

It was interesting chatting to Martin. I don't know how many pollies you've met in your time (I've met a couple) but he seems like an ordinary bloke in a lot of ways. Which is comforting, in a way, it's nice to think that someone down to earth might actually end up with their hands on the levers of power. He seemed to take genuine delight in chatting to the people coming by, and got into a serious discussion about industrial relations with one chap. Martin used to be head of the ACTU, so he had a thing or two to say about that.

There seemed to be three kinds of people at the station. Those who would take a flier, those who wouldn't (and muttered something about the greens) and a whole lot of school children too young to vote.

The trains are a state responsibility, although Martin was suitably unimpressed with the 7.18AM to Flinders Street was canceled. He muttered "I'll have to have a word with Fiona." It also turns out he's the Shadow Minister for Transport...

Northcote's not a busy station, which was a surprise, given how full the trains are by the time they reach Merri, my station, one stop down the line. They obviously fill up further up the line.

Around 8.15, Martin sent me on my way. So I hopped on a train into the city, and got to work earlier than I usually would.

Sometimes this stuff makes my brain hurt. Martin was criticising some of the things Friends of the Earth have been saying lately about Federal ALP policy (which I'm not going to pretend I completely agree with). The brain hurty part is... I'm a member of Friends of the Earth as well... Oh boy.

He also was pleased to see the Northcote branch resurrecting itself, which was ace since I've been involved as the assistant secretary of said branch. Hmmm... Politics interesting...


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