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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Drawing of a trike
For reasons which are not clear, my Mother gave my Dad a dwarf lemon tree, belatedly, for his 60th birthday (er, said parents have been divorced since the mid seventies).

For reasons of already having a lemon tree, my Dad gave the tree to me. Well, when I say tree, I mean shrub... He then brought me a largish pot for it, despite the tininess of my flat and the available areas for Trees. Basically, all my plants are in pots on the landing outside my flat. He also promised me some good old compost to pot it in...

He didn't mention it was relatively Fresh compost..... Which is just a little bit INCREDIBLY STINKY! It's sitting outside my front door, and I do hope it's not pissing off my neighbours... Supposedly it'll get a little less wiffy in the next couple of days... If it doesn't, I might have to move it somewhere else, such as the next suburb!!!!

The stupid thing is, I don't even like lemons...