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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Facebook: Week one
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
Eight days on Facebook.

Total friends: twenty seven.

Number of cats who are friends with schnitzelrug: three.

Number of weird "I didn't know you knew so-and-so!" events: three.
Number involving Jess Latimer: Three!

Number of cities in my "places I've been" map: about eight cities.
Total countries: One.

Same stats for my friend Laura: sixty six cities in eighteen countries.

I gotta get out more...

Yep, it's definitely out of hand. According to Time magazine, they're getting 150,000 new people a day.

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real posts?

:-) where are the promised real posts?

Facebook is everywhere - even BBC morning news mention it all the time! sometimes in stories totally unrelated to anything Facebook

Oh yeah, those.... Er, working on them...

Is that you, Zoya? Get a LJ account like everyone else!

115 cities in 32 countries ;-) Definitely time to get out!

Damn! I'm definitely out classed in the travel stakes.

I took the train down to Williamstown today, does that count? And I was in Adelaide on Thursday...

Ok, I admit... I still haven't been to Adelaide :-)

No great loss. Been to Geelong? Picture that only slightly bigger.

The only good thing about the place is seeing my friend Jean.

When you say Jess Latimer do you by any chance mean the Jess Latimer who was the Activities Chair at the RMIT Student Union Acivities Office Higher Ed City Campus in about 1997?

Faaaark... Yeah, that's her. I think she was actually Student Union president in there somewhere as well. It's a small world!!!!

If you're on facebook, look us both up :-)

BTW, I can't recall your real name or even how we met on this thing :-)

That's right she was never my boss (I was a staff member there for a few years) she was a volunteer for the Activities Dept and then went on to be Student Pres. God I haven't seen Jess since... well since years!

Nah I don't do face book or myspace or any of those... Just banging on in LJ... or not so much at the moment.

My real name's Robyn and I think I friended you after something you said on Melbourne Maniacs and when I checked your biog you had something about Preshrunk and I thought... here's a person with taste. :o)

Hmmm... Our path's have probably cross in Real Life a few times then. I lived at RMIT (as it were) city campus from 1994 to 1998. Actually, I spent most of that time in the Oxford Scholar :-)

Had lunch with Jess a week or so back.

So you probably also know my cousin, Sue Fraser.

Yeah, don't bother to join all the social networking sites. At least two thirds of the people I know aren't on any of them...

Good old Preshrunk, I hear rumours that they might get together soon, all three of them are in the country.

Maybe. I was trying to work that our the other day. I worked there from late 1996 to early 2000. Yep I know Sue, she worked in the main SU admin office downstairs.

Did you every work in the SU? Volunteer at any of the events?

Pass my regards on to both Jess and Sue next time you see them both!

Ah Preshrunk, god everyone I knew loved them when I was at RMIT. They had great tshirts ripping off the Playstation logo! God knows how many gigs we ran with those boys. I have to get some more of their CDs. I also saw them do Live at the Wireless for JJJ once as well.

I was there for all of 1996, 97 and part of 1998. I was more heavily involved with good old SRA-FM at the time, made their first webpage etc.

Hung around the SU a lot, although I was never really involved. Used to drink with Paul Hagan and Marc Morrell and some of the guys from Catalyst. Do you remember Barbara Kerr? Paul Montgomery?

You know what's really sad? I bought one of those Playstation-logo Preshrunk t-shrts two months ago. Rare Records in St. Kilda had a bunch. You can still get their CDs, just stay away from their last ablum "Best Seller", it was shite.

Ahhh SRA back when it was still SRA! :o)

Ticks for all of those names. Marc (well last time I was down there) was running Kaleide Theatre. Paul Hagan was still working there.... but possible not since VSU finally caught up with them all.

Did you know Julie McBride and Vanessa Brady? They worked in the Activities Office (julie in TAFE Vanessa at Higher Ed). Anne-Maree Rourke as well.

I can't believe you can still gettheir T-shirts! That's awesome. I need to get some more of their cds. There's way too much music out there that I need to get!

What other bands are you into?

Yeah, none of this SYN nonsense. Mind you, strictly speaking SRA was once RRR, if I remember my history.

Bumped into Marc at a gig recently, he was telling me a disturbing story about how he'd brought Rove McManus to the world...

Vanessa Brady rings a bell.

The list of CDs I have to get is more or less infinite, and I have given up any hope of completing it this lifetime. But yes, Rare Records are true to their name.

When I was following Preshrunk around, I was also into SEK, Bzark, Three and... Oh, many more I can't remember. These days I'm too old and too busy to go to actual pubs for actual gigs, so I'm into, er, well... The list is long.

You might notice the subtitle of my LJ is a line from a Preshrunk song :-)

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