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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Picture Goodness
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Curious about where I spend eight hours of every weekday? I know I am. Here are some pictures of my desk at w*rk. Exciting.

I was on holiday a few weeks back. The weeks before that had been completely hectic, for example the week of labor day, I worked labor day (public holiday my butt!) and spent two days in NSW. My desk was a disaster area. I planned to clean it before I went on leave, but at 6.30PM on the Friday I said fuck it, and went home. I came back to this:
messy desk!
This phone camera panorama doesn't even do it justice! There was a piece of electronic equipment gaffer taped under my desk which had come loose and was dangling there. Not to mention the boxes of stuff under the desk, and the three power boards and attached cables. People had also been dumping stuff on it while I was away. I can see in this picture: My PC, a laptop, a flat panel touch screen PC, four RFID readers, three hand-held RFID readers, and... I don't know, all sorts of other crap.

So I spent the morning cleaning it, and afterwards, it looked like this:
My cow-orker Mike said "Have you always had that plant?"

It is still, more or less, in the second state.... More or less. If only I could say the same about my flat :-)
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