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Facebook Explosion
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Gadzooks. Against my better judgment, I was talked into joining yet another social networking site. evildoom_bunny, I'm looking at you...

This is despite the fact that I'm on every social networking site under the sun - Myspace (scary, typed that entire URL and href from memory), Orkut, Hi5 (why that one? Ewgh) and probably several more that I've forgotten about. Does Friends Reunited count? Ewgh again.

Anyway, every now and then someone invites me to join one o' these kinds of sites. And frighteningly, I often find that I'm already on them, having forgotten about all the damn accounts I have around the place. Blogspot? Yep, there already. Not to mention owning four domain names and paying for hosting on two different ISPs.

So, to make a long story short, last Thursday I was finally persuaded to join Facebook by the aforementioned Evil Doom. So I did, and using the "find friends" thingy, discovered a surprising number of my friends on there already. Thursday I had three friends. Friday I had six, more people found me somehow. Had lunch with a friend, she told me she was on there as well. Added her, found a couple of other people via her profile. Discovered she knows a guy called Damon, who I also know. So Saturday I had twelve friends. And today (Sunday) I have eighteen!

But the really daft thing is, they're all people I know already, and indeed some people who I'm connected to on here.

And, scarier still, schnitzelrug is on there! And she has cat friends!!! Eeep.

So, for some reason, this week, every man and his dog has been on facebook. As things wax, others wain. I got back onto Orkut after a long while. Most of the people I knew on there have let their accounts expire... And some of them are on facebook... Egad.

Ok, time to make some random friends on this internet thingy....

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"And, scarier still, schnitzelrug is on there! And she has cat friends!!! Eeep."

Fuck. That is the funniest thing I've read all week!

I can't believe there's somebody else with more accounts on different soc. networks than I do! I'm gonna join Facebook too. Why not?

Don't forget to look me up on there :-)

Don't you mean "every man and his cat"? :P

Freaky. It's completely out of hand... Next I'll have a blog for my... I dunno, mobile phones :-)

Mobile phones? How many do you have?!

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