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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Was going through my collection of pictures, and realised it's been a mighty long time since I posted any. So here goes.

In absolutely no particular order... Starting with:

Cute Section

Evildoom's Tongue
evildoom_bunny demonstrating that a) her tongue works and b) she has cool hair.

Schnitzel Spoon
schnitzelrug spooning evildoom_bunny one morning.

Schnitzel on Monitorschnitzelrug finds a warm spot to lie.

Street Scenes Section

Cranes in Fog
The view from my office balcony of the construction site across the road, on that foggy day (of June 07)

Manga Street ArtSome ace street art I spotted near Smith Street. It's pasted on a window which has bars behind it.

Travel Section

Hotel Room
A panorama of my hotel room in the Blacktown Travel Lodge. I made this mess in five minutes flat. From left to right: my laptop bag, the laptop on the table, my CPAP machine bag, my back pack, my coat over the coffee table, my shoes on the floor and my work pants on the couch. And on either end the TV and the bed :-)

Random Shit

Dead CDs
This is a pile of CDs I threw out recently. I went through my collection and turfed all the one's I didn't need any more.

Jet Bike
And to finish on a Redneck note... This is a Jet Powered Motorcycle I spotted at the Airshow (how does that work?) back in March. Freaky. If anyone's interested, there was also a jet powered truck I have pictures of.

I have literally hundreds of other pictures, in various states of digital encoding. Might post em, who knows :-P