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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Loooooooooooooooooooooooong Day
Drawing of a trike
Yay. It's just ticked over twelve hours since I sat down at my desk today. I'm still here.

Does anyone out there know of a job for a burnt out software engineer? I have my resume on my phone, my USB key, heck, I might even put it up on my website...

I've managed to not eat any meals at my desk today, however, which is slightly less suck.

Other things of note: My MP3 player has just started playing the eleven minute long anthem "Trapped in the Drivethrough" by Weird Al. At least three or four of my cow-orkers are also still here, but they've been sitting around drinking for the last couple of hours. Bastards. A lovely old edition of Primo Levi's "If This Is A Man" turned up in the mail from the auction I won on Ebay earlier this week.

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do you ever have those days were weird al just seems to pop up everywhere?
my partner had never heard grandmaster flash' the message until i played it to her a few a weeks ago (who cannot help randomly stopping and funking "dont push me cause im close to the edge...").
the next day she heard it at work. a bar was playing it as she walked home. the next day a car went by playing it. that night we watched happy feet and the "heavy" penguin funked it. and then it was on spicks and specks the next night.
think she got the message.

you should download the song "wreath of barbs" by wumpscut. its very very purty and relaxing.

Don't push me because I'm close to the edge

I have that on vinyl somewhere. But yes, songs are like that. I had a similar experience recently with the word "Plenum".

I don't do quiet and relaxing, I like my music load and annoying :-)

Re: Don't push me because I'm close to the edge

well then download the whole album, wumpscut - wreath of barbs. it is both loud, load, and annoying. and purty and relaxing. and clangy. and all sort of things.
haven't listened to it in a while, but ive recently become addicted to it again while using it to terrorise my psycho arsefuck neighbour.

You could come to Melbourne Uni and do my software engineering project. sfajdsfdsfjflssfjsd;adsfjafls ``SRS''

I should ace it what with my extensive experience *cough cough*

My point exactly. >D

au pair

you can move to London and look after my babe in return for accommodation and small allowance :-P

Tell me more about this allowance... :-)

I like babies!

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