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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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You Call That a Rollmop? This is a Rollmop!!!
Drawing of a trike
Ah, you uncouth, ignorant, non-Dutch ljers, utterly lacking in pickled herring! This is a rollmop:


Doesn't that look tasty? This wikipedia entry will tell you all you'll need to know. Basically it's Herring pickled in vinegar! Yum. Now go to your local deli, buy some and eat them!
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Hey! Don't steal my ignorance like that! I demand my ignorance back!

Too much information?

It looks kind of eww. :<

It's one of those Ewww things which is actually tasty - well, acquired tasty. A bit like, er, well, I'm sure you can think of examples of food which look crap but taste yum.

Pizza perhaps?

I actually don't mind the look of pizza! But sure, I think I know what you're talking about... people often glance at my strange-looking Vietnamese food and refuse to try it.

Yeah, you get where I'm coming from. Although... You're not eating gibblets are you????

Having said that, Rollmops are an acquired taste which it took me a while to get used to... :-)

I think I am~


Mmmmm.... chock full of pickled fishy goodness. :P


Pickled snake is probably a delicacy somewhere. However not anywhere that I'm descended from :-)

Damn, it makes me hungry just looking at it!

Don't deny it, I know it's pickled snake :P

Hey, it's weird enough as it is....

Hmmm... Riga Sprats...


mmm.. now I want some. I wonder if they are sold in England. I wonder what the Husband will say if he comes back home from work to find these things in the fridge.

Can I say Yum again? Yum!

I'm sure they're sold in England, it's a European delicacy. I'm sure a decent delicatessen would have 'em.

I do delight in eating them in front of evildoom_bunny, she thinks they're gross :-)

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