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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My cat is INSANE
Dancing Kitty
My cat is insane.

It's also possible that me and evildoom_bunny are also insane. Not to mention the cucumber...

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Locked post; what a pity.

"evildoom_bunny and I". XD

Yeah, I'd agree with that.... it's evildoom_bunny and I, Paul :P :P :P

You have a lot of work to do on maxcelcat's grammar. :P

Oh I know.. unfortunately his spelling and grammar is too far gonned. mmmhmmm *nods*

Someone's channeling the Word garmmar checker :-P

"Grammar". >D

I'll stop now. XD;

I'm coming to, er, wherever you are hiding, and hitting you with a dictionary! :-P

Oh no! Which one? Please make it one I haven't read yet.

Perhaps it isn't the best idea to have you come to the movie, then... :P

It will be the Concise Oxford, that being the nearest to hand. I think it's an edition from 2002, a hardback. I might also bring a couple of thesauruses as backup :-P

PLUS a third edition of the Norton Anthology of poetry :-P

Oh, excellent. Poetry is fun.

I must admit, your cucumber is much bigger than mine.

Sounds like Spam!

All we did was take some Piedamontes pills, I mean, we went to Piedamontes in Fitzroy... It was the only size they had :-)

Put the cucumber down slowly...

By which I assume you mean down on the ground and not... Er... Going down anywhere else? :-)

Frighteningly, we still have about half that cucumber left...

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