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Enrol To Vote Now!
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This is a bit of a "public service" announcement, if you like.

The federal government in its wisdom has just changed the rules governing electoral rolls. Previously, changes to enrollments were allowed for at least a couple of weeks after a federal election is called.

Now, the electoral rolls will close at 8PM on the day the election is called. This means if you've moved house or need to update your enrollment in any way, you'll have at best half a day to do so, otherwise you won't be allowed to vote.

This is expected to exclude up to 400,000 people across the country - more than enough to swing the election in fact.

A federal election can be called from any time after the middle of July - although November is more likely. My advice is get in early, enroll now, over at Australian Electoral Commission, or give them a call on 13 23 26. Post offices will also have the forms...

(BTW, if you think, like me, that this change is anti-democratic and just a bit on the nose, sign this petition at Getup! or hassle your local federal member.)


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i fail to understand the logic of our government - i know thats confusing to see logic & government in the same sentence but hey!

There's actually some very, very simple logic behind this: Most people who have moved house are renters. They tend to vote Labor or Green. Most people who forget to enroll before the election are young people who tend to vote... Labor or Green.

This is basically a really good way of disenfranchising a whole lot of people who might vote against the liberals. 400,000 people across the country is more than enough to swing the vote...

There's a very simple logic to governments: they like being in power, and they like staying there.

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