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My Cubicle
Drawing of a trike
Things I have done at my desk (in no particular order.) Hmmm, I think I've done a list like this before. What the heck, here's the new list:
  • Eaten Breakfast
  • Eaten Lunch
  • Eaten Dinner
  • Blogged
  • Flossed my teeth
  • Video chat with evildoom_bunny
  • Drank hundreds of Chai's
  • Listened to MP3s
  • Received things I bought on Ebay
  • Edited Wikipedia
  • Watched my cow-orker bounce up and down on his swiss ball "office chair"
  • Joined a union
Probably time I did some actual work :-)

Things I have not done at my desk:
  • Slept (although I almost have)
  • Shagged
  • Gone nuts (although again, almost...)

Thank Fuck it's Friday.

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I could help you out with the shagging at your desk part ;) although i can think of sexier places to do it ;)

I love you babe!

It wasn't a wish list!!!!!

Oh my god! We must have the same job because things I do at my desk are sooooooooo similar ;-) Having said that, I don't know enough to edit Wikipedia and I'm not game to join any unions and I did sleep (or briefly pass out) a few times over the last year...

All Desks Are The Same

Egad, we could be working in the same office. In fact, we might even be the same people! Eep! :-)

So... Do either of us sit at our desks and, say, work?

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