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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Dr Teeth
Tram In Snow
Made my second trip to the dentist after the longish interval prior to my visit of 2006. Longish in this case being over a decade...! So I'm being a good Tooth owner from now on, doing that "regular checkup" thing.

My dentist also seems to treat my entire family - my dad, my brother, various cousins. The first thing he said was "Another Johanson!" He then stuck a tv camera into my mouth to take me on a tour of my teeth - that was weird. I recommend it. They all looked terribly strong white and shiny, apart from the one with the big chunk o' metal in the middle of it.

My one and only filling (ok, one and a little friend in the next tooth) had developed a sharpish tine on it, possibly from too vigorous flossing. So he grabbed a small angle grinder and had a go at it, it's much improved now and doesn't catch my chewing gum :-)

Got me a tooth polish, then he asked if I was a smoker (I was, but we're talking ten years ago!) because my front teeth are slightly stained brown... Which I'd noticed recently, and I can only blame on too much chai...!

Anyway, that was my excitement for today. Now I am all shiny. I should get out more... The two comedy festival shows tonight probably fit that bill...