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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Car, Part Two
Stooges Bass
Damn, still catching up with about three weekends ago!

I finally got around to cleaning Fuji the wonder car. It's only taken me seven years to get around to doing it properly... I took us both to one of those hand car wash places, the one's with the high pressure hoses, industrial vacuum cleaners etc. Damn, that place was weird - as well as the hose, there was a broom that produced suds.

I soaped Fuji all over then hose 'im down, only to discover there was more crud to be had from various corners of the car - you'd be amazed how many crannies there are on a car which can collect leaves, dirt, dead insects, etc. etc. etc. I'd been hosing for so long someone else was waiting to use the bay, so I thought this a good time to go do some more detailed scrubbin'. Scratched some of the weird black crud off the roof, and a few stickers which were worse for wear.

I went around the block and pulled back in, vacuumed every surface I could find, then went through another round of hosin'. There was crap in the panels next to the doors, crap under the bonnet, crap under the petrol flap thing! I hosed it all, and eventually grime stopped coming off Fuji, no more twigs where appearing from the groove along the edge of the roof. By this stage I was soaked myself - no greater love has a man for his car!

Anyway, from certain angles, if you ignore the odd dent and the stickers, Fuji looks almost new, it's freaky. Sure doesn't look 18 years old.

Because about four stickers had washed off, I thought I'd better replace them - with another twelve or so. I started running out of space on the back and the left rear, so I had to add about five of them to the right rear, where they get seen slightly less :-)

Probably time I posted some photos...

Here endith the uncharacteristic Car ramblin'.

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Your car is older than I.

I was vaguely aware of this but it's still scary!

You find a lot of things scary!

Ok, perhaps scary is not the word, given my professed inability to be surprised by anything. To put it another way: I think of people born in the eighties as kids, even thought a large number of them can vote, drive cars etc. It's another way of saying "Fuck I'm old", or "I still think of myself as 18 even though that was in 1989...."

My little brother was born in the eighties, and I still think of him as a kid even though he's taller than me, shaves and has a degree in Science from Melbourne Uni. Since I remember changing his nappies, he'll always be a kid :-)

"I still think of myself as 18 even though that was in 1989...."

Does it disturb you talking to someone less than half your age? :P

I'm amazed that anyone half my age is old enough to type :-P

Yes, it does disturb me. They let Wizard Rockers vote??? ;-)

Hey, isn't that age-based discrimination? :P

I actually get to vote this year! (I think.) I can't wait!

Yep, it's totally age based discrimination :-P
Or perhaps age based teasing might be a better description.

You can enroll to vote before you're 18, but you can't vote until you're actually 18. In fact, I'd recommend enrolling as soon as you can - they've changed the rules so the electoral role closes on the day a federal election is called.

And if you ask nicely I can provide advice about who to vote for :-)

I enrolled months ago. ;) And I'm completely aware of the changes to the laws. Stupid government.

I have some idea of whom to vote for already!

I'll have to spread the work a bit more widely, on melbournemaniac for example.

You'll hear me ranting about whoM to vote for regardless. In fact, if you're around Northcote I might even hand you a how to vote card.

Well, isn't it lucky I'm not around Northcote then. ^_^

Spread the word perhaps?

Hey, that you are not in Northcote is your loss :-P

And not just because you'll miss me handing out how to vote cards :-P

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