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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Corinne Grant's Tape
Drawing of a trike
The madness... Begins...

Tonight was the first night of the Comedy Marathon (assuming one doesn't include Weird Al a couple of weeks ago.)

evildoom_bunny and I went and saw Corinne Grant's "Take My Stuff", where she confesses to being a hoarder and tries to give away some of her stuff to the audience. Very funny show. I got dragged into it when she was looking for hoarders in the audience. My eight computers qualified me! And later she did a "citizenship test". For each right answer, one got a bit of her stuff. A plastic tiger on a string, a supplement from a newspaper from New Zealand from 1998(!) and my prize for knowing the first prime minister of Australia... A Fleetwood Mac cassette from 1987! Bonza!

Anyway, these things have a way of expanding. My friend Barbara then dragged us along to something called the Comedy Show Bag at a bar in QV. It was rather good too - four comedians for $15, can't pass that up. And of course we scored a double pass to ANOTHER Show on the way out... Eep. Sleep? Bah.

I have three shows to get to next week...