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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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David Hicks Pleads Guilty
Drawing of a trike
David Hicks has apparently made a plea bargain, and plead guilty to "Providing material support to Terrorism", whatever the heck that is.

Details here, here and here.

May I never be left to rot in a quasi-legal jail for crimes which had to be invented retrospectively.

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As I understand it, Providing material support to Terrorism has been an offense since 1994. But apart from that, yeah, all the rotting and quasi-legality sounds shitful.

An offence since 1994 for Americans as i understand it. Only an offence for non-americans since last year...

Nice to see they sat on him till they had something to charge him with. Damn. It's be nice if the federal government had done the same thing the Brits did - they demanded all their citizens locked away there be returned. And they were...

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