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Who Would Have Thought
Drawing of a trike
Who would have guessed? Borrowed this from evildoom_bunny.
BTW, look for some Real entries soon :-)

What Be Your Nerd Type?
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You're interested in things such as politics, psychology, child care, and peace. I wouldn't go so far as to call you a hippie, but some of you may be tree-huggers. You're the type of people who are interested in bettering the world. You're possible the least nerdy of them all; unless you participate in other activies that paled your nerdiness compared to your involvement in social activities. Whatever the case, we could still use more of you around. ^_^

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"tree-huggers"..hehehe.. Paul is a tree-hugger. Want to hug some trees with me next time i'm in Oz? Z

I thought it was pretty obvious that I'm some kind of rampant lefty. Not that I'm likely to be caught actually hiking...

Some examples: Off to a peace march today, wearing my anti-Howard t-shirt. I also own the domain "". I could go on :-)

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