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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Weird Dreams
Drawing of a trike
Some odd dreams I've had in the last few days.

I dreamt I was at my family's beach house (which indeed I was) and someone had inflated an enormous figure in the back yard area. It was huge, taller than the house, and pressed against it. Weirdly, I can't remember exactly what it was - something cartoonish, I think. Might have been a weird mutation on that hot air balloon that landed on the VCA a few months back.

I dreamt I was pulling up in front of a largish, but not unusually so, suburban house. It had a gravel driveway, which did a shallow loop from the road, to the front door, out to the road again. I was there in my aging Subaru to pick up... The Japanese emperor...

I dreamt I was on a train with my brother, one of my first cousins once removed (hence forth to be known as Asher), and at least two other people. There was a lot of pre-amble which I now can't recall, then the other four decided they were going to BASE jump (that's leaping from some tall location with a parachute) from the train while it crossed a particular bridge. We made our way to what looked like an empty freight car, and they positioned themselves at four doors of it, whilst I was at the front. It turned out, somehow, that the freight carriage was at the front of the train, so I could see the track ahead of the train from the door I was at... Anyway, we felt it slowing down, and discovered that the people driving the train had detached it from the main train, and shunted us off on a siding. We looked out as the rest of the train went by, the people on board staring or waving.

It then suddenly became clear (as these things often do) that we were in Canada. Asher and I were the only one's there left - the others I think were still on the train. We got out of the carriage, and hooked up with a large group of hobos who happened to be nearby. Then we wandered through a pine forest to a chalet of some sort, also in pine. I think we tried to stay there, but some minor inconvenience - I think they were out of toilet paper - caused us to decide to continue on and try and find the train etc.

Now, just for once, I'd like to have a simple nice, straightforward dream, where I'm, I don't know, eating icecream in my kitchen. Ah well. Stupid brain.

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Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirdo :D

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