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Boots Boots Boots
Dancing Kitty
evildoom_bunny has been going on about Boots, Boots and more Boots.

Thinks out loud: maybe she thinks she's too short.

Anyway, I couldn't cope, so I wasted ten minutes of my life making the following:Boyfriend needs rebooting
Fuck, I'm a nerd...

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*is far too amused by this*

Boots are not always about height. Boots are footwear. Oh yes indeed :)

So long as you're amused, and not saddened.

I know a number of people who are heavily into shoes (vedmajulia springs to mind) so I kinda understand. Says she with the two pairs of shoes.

*sucking up*
And evildoom_bunny is sexy already :-)

A little from column a, a little from column b. I must stop trying to quote Simpsons episodes just for the hell of it.

Amused. Really :)

I'd be much more heavily into boots if I could afford more of them. As it is, I usually just covet other people's. And end up cursing when subtle questioning ("Hi, I'm not plotting to steal your boots or anything but, randomly, what size are you?") reveals they wouldn't fit me anyway.

Hee. Now that's a good suck up job *is impressed* :D

I hope she sees it so it won't go to waste :)

I SAW ALL OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

"Says she with two pairs of shoes" I didn't know you were female!!!! :D

These ain't bitch tits baby ;-)

Thanks. Who knows, it might end up being an ongoing series :-)

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