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Oh For Shame
Krazy Kat
Bumped into an old acquaintance the other day at a gig at the Public Bar (more on that later). He related the following tale of woe:
"I used to be a producer on [community television station] Channel 31. We were putting together a variety show called "The Loft" with a bunch of channel seven has-beens. And we invited this young comedian along to be some kind of backup talent. It was awful. Eventually, we decided to get the has-beens to fuck off, and asked this young comedian if he'd like to host it. He said yeah, what the hell, without any great enthusiasm. So for four years he hosted this show we were making, and in about the forth season, you go see his little mind ticking over thinking "I could probably do this for a living". And indeed he did... We'd unleashed him on the world..."
The young comedian's name? Rove McManus. Marc Morrell (the teller of this story) hang your head in shaaaaaaame!


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